sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Yamaha XV1600

Terminamos mais um kit na semana que passou, uma moto muito bonita da Yamaha, a XV1600 "Roadstar", kit Tamiya na escala 1/12. Another finished kit, the Yamaha XV1600 Roadstar. The creative designers at Yamaha unlocked their rebellioys spirit, and brought a bike that has come to be known as the ultimate streetfighter of the big-displacement cruiser class: the Road Star. This class of bike was originally designed for cruising down the spacious highways of America, but was since caught the interest of bike fans worldwide. In 1999, Yamaha redefined the standard of the cruiser class, injecting the Road Star with a powerful twin-cam, air-cooled, 98 cubic-inch, pushrod V-twin engine. This monster of a powerplant displays a massive maximum torque of 12.9kg-m at 2000 rpm, blowing away that of other machines in its class. From the moment the thumb starter is pressed, the rider is put in command of the seemingly endeless, yet ultra-smooth output. The 20kg crank weight and high rigidity of the engine mounting serve to transmit the purring vibration of the engine directly to the rider, just one more joy this machine provides. The front suspension adopts a rigid, telescopic type and the rear shock is tucked out of sight for that classic, hardtail look. This balance, in addition to providing a smooth ride, ensures nimble maneuvering on winding roads. The style of the Road Star speaks for itself. Low-slung lines blended with the liberal use of chrome make this cruiser indisputably attractive. With ample legroom, easy-to-reach handlebars, and a plush saddle, the Road Star’s ergonimics alone make it irresistible to even the most scrutinizing of cruiser enthusiasts. Tamiya kit, 1/12th scale.

quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2012

Sauber C30

Mais um kit Fujimi finalizado, agora o Sauber C30 pilotado por Kamui Kobayashi em Suzuka 2011, a escala é 1/20 como de costume (peço desculpas pelas péssimas fotos nesta postagem e nas últimas atrás, devo ter desconfigurado a câmera nos últimos meses e não me dei conta). Another Fujimi's kit finished, Sauber C30 drove by Kamui Kobayashi in Suzuka, 1/20th scale as usual.