sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2014

Oldsmobile "kodak" 1990

Presente que montei para um tio fã de automobilismo que esteve visitando o Museu da Nascar há algum tempo atrás e ficou fascinado pelos carros. Olds 1990 pilotado por Ernie Irvan na Winston Cup, kit AMT na escala 1/25. Como continuo sem conseguir postar respostas diretas nos tópicos, agradeço Juanh pelos elogios, gracias amigo. Thanks Motorsport Modeller, I used the usual Tamiya masking tape, is very easy to mask the Sauber's kit. Sponsored by Kodak, the Ernie Irvan driven Winston Cup Oldsmobile race car is easy to pick out on the race track with its distinctive Kodak yellow paint scheme. The Kodak film Olds has become a familiar car in the Winston Cup circuit, and has become a real contender, especially since being driven by Ernie Irvan. 1990 was Ernie’s first year with the Kodak team, but not his first year in the Winston Cup series. Ernie moved from Salinas, California, to be near where the action is and has been in the middle of a lot of real action on the track ever since. In ’89 he had four top-ten finishes while with another team and expects to do better with his Kodak Olds. He is a top-ranked short track contender doing very well in “local” races and fully expects to be a champion in the top NASCAR series. Ernie’s Olds is powered by a small-block GM V-8 worked over to 358 cubic inches and produces close to 600 horsepower (exact figures are a team secret), enough to push the Kodak car over 200 MPH on the longe tracks. Althrough the rules stipulate that stock block, heads, front cover and other componentes be used, a lot of hightech work is done inside the engines nonetheless. Special ceramic coatings on cylinders, valves and combustion chambers, computer designed camshafts, coolant and oil flow/temperature management are part of the art and technology that takes place. Considering that the best small block street engine ( the L98) GM puts into the Corvette produces 245/250 horsepower with computerized fuel injection, 600 HP with a single four-barret isn’t shabby at all. Aerodynamics also play a major part and any little improvement in reducing drag is equal to free horsepower. Front air dams, flush fitting glass, rear spoilers and smooth blended contours all help the already sleek Olds. AMT kit at 1/25 scale.