sexta-feira, 22 de março de 2013

Lotus 72E

Irmão mais novo dos outros 72 aqui mostrados nas semanas passadas, temos hoje o Lotus 72E pilotado por Emerson Fittipaldi em 1973, o carro mais belo da história, kit Ebbro na escala 1/20. Introduced in 1970, the Lotus Type 72 was a revolutionary machine for its time, featuring a distinctive wedge-shaped body and a unique suspension using torsion bars. Although plagued by early handling problems, revisions to both front and rear suspensions in what became Type 72C fully unleashed the car’s potential, resulting in five wins that very season. Of the five wins, four were with Jochen Rindt at the wheel, earning him the 1970 World Champion title. For the 1971 season Martin Waide and Ralph Bellamy further developed the car into Type 72D, redesigning key elements as the rear suspension, the rear wing and the oil tank. In 1972, a change in the team’s main sponsor brought about the famous black and gold livery. Emerson Fittipaldi went on to win five times at the wheel of Type 72D to become the youngest ever World Champion and earn in the process the team’s first constructor title since 1970. In 1973, new safety regulations were introduced at the Grand Prix of Spain, the 4th round of the season. They required all cars to adopt a deformable outer structure to protect the fuel tank in a collision, thus significantly reducing the risk of fire. To meet the new requirements, Type 72 further evolved into Type 72E under Waide’s warchful eye. The deformable structure was added to the monocoque’s outer skin, thus giving Tpe 72E a two layer body structure. Usually a separate part of the body structure, the radiators’ air ducts were designed as an integral part of the body to give Type 72E fully integrated sidepods. At the same time, the suspensions were further revised to accommodate the newly adopted Goodyear tires. Driven by Fittipaldi, Type 72E won on its first outing at the Grand Prix of Spain. Ronnie Peterson, who joined the team the same year, went on to win the Grand Prix of France, Australia, Italy and the United States. Although letting the driver’s title slip through their fingers, Team Lotus won the constructor’s title for the second year in a row. In 1974, Team Lotus put Type 72E in the capable hand of Ronnie Peterson and Jacky Lckx with Peterson winning the Grand Prix of Monaco, France and Italy. Lotus Type 72E and Ronnie Peterson are remembered as much for the vistories as for the spectacular drifts that enthralled so many fans. Ebbro kit, 1/20th scale.

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  1. Another stunner, someone has been busy it seems. Nice work and a true winner.

  2. Bellísimo, el Lotus 72 es, junto al Tyrrell P34, el auto más famoso en la historia de la F1. Ambos son un icono de los años setenta.
    Gran miniatura, muy bien armado, ¡felicitaciones!

  3. O maior Mestre nas montagens. E sempre péssimo nas fotos...he, he. Grande abraço, Marcelo.