domingo, 27 de julho de 2014

Ford GT40 MKII

Voltando aos carros de Le Mans, terminado hoje mais um Ford GT40, este na versão MKII que chegou em segundo lugar nas 24h de Le Mans de 1966 com Denis Hulme e Ken Miles ao volante, kit Fujimi na escala 1/24. Ford lauched its own effort to create a GT prototype in 1963. The most powerful of all the race cars participating in car races at the time was the Ferrari, and though Ford made efforts to acquire Ferrari in order to be able to compete in the Le Mans, these efforts ended in failure. Thereafter, noting the similarities to the Ferrari in the GT image and Eric Broadlay’s Roala GT, Ford acquired the Roala GT and concluded a one-year contract with Broadlay to engage in the development of a Ford design. The GT40 revealed at the 1964 New York Auto Model Show had a semi-monocoque configuration, and its height was a mere 40 inches. The GT40 began to participate in racing in 1964. This was the Mk.II, mounting a 7 lit. V8 engine of 485HP. This vehicle gamered a one-two-three finish at the Daytona 24-hour race, and in the same year beat the Ferrari hands down for another one-two-three finish for its first Le Mans win. Fujimi kit at 1/24th scale.

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  1. Uno de los modelos del gran triunfo de Ford en Le Mans.
    Posiblemente, el más bello de los tres.